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Breathe. Relax. Recharge.
Immerse yourself in the therapeutic touch of Himalayan salt, infrared saunas, and oxygen bar therapy.


Embrace the Benefits of Himalayan Salt Therapy in Tell City, Indiana

Experience the harmonious blend of serenity and rejuvenation at The Salt Room in small-town Indiana. Discover the transformative power of halotherapy, enhancing respiratory health and promoting relaxation. Inhale the benefits of salt particles, while negative ions foster calmness and reduce anxiety.


Our advanced facilities include Himalayan salt, infrared saunas, and an oxygen bar therapy, ensuring an exceptional experience. Step into our sanctuary and let the healing power of salt therapy embrace you.

Beyond respiratory wellness, our salt room offers profound relaxation and stress relief. Negative ions released by the salt neutralize positive ions, fostering calmness and reducing anxiety. Step into an oasis where life's pressures dissolve, and tranquility takes center stage.

At The Salt Room in Indiana, we take pride in delivering an exceptional experience. Only the highest quality salt products, chosen for their purity and effectiveness, are utilized. Our advanced technology ensures an even dispersion of salt particles, maximizing the therapeutic benefits for you to enjoy. Discover the true essence of halotherapy as you immerse yourself in the healing embrace of our salt room.

Whether you seek relief from respiratory ailments, a space to de-stress and unwind, or simply yearn for self-care, The Salt Room offers the rejuvenation you deserve. Step into our sanctuary and let the healing power of salt therapy embrace you. Explore the countless advantages of salt therapy today at The Salt Room—a haven of health and serenity conveniently located in Indiana.

I will be visiting again.

"The Salt Room is a very relaxing and unique experience! I will be visiting again soon! Everyone should try it."

A true treasure.

With two kiddos under three and the weight of stress and seasonal allergies, I left my “mommy time out” session at The Salt Room feeling rejuvenated. The owners are wonderful and the room is marvelous; a true treasure.

Cleared my head.

"The air felt like cave air and breathing the salt crystals cleared my head...I will go back. I loved it"
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